Clear Mountain

An Aspiring Buddhist Forest Monastery in the Greater Seattle Area

Clear Mountain

An Aspiring Buddhist Forest Monastery in the Greater Seattle Area

A New Center of Dhamma Practice in the Pacific Northwest

The aim of Clear Mountain Monastery is the founding of a Buddhist community. In Theravāda Buddhism and within the Early Buddhist Texts, the forest tradition represents a return to the simple way of life taught by the Buddha. Monastics aspire to live as the early disciples did: dwelling in the forest, studying the teachings, and devoting themselves to meditation. Monks, nuns, and laity exist in a relationship of mutual generosity, in which they support one another on the Buddha’s path towards complete liberation of the heart — Nibbāna.

Clear Mountain’s first monastic, Ajahn Nisabho, currently lives on the quiet periphery of Seattle, going for alms most mornings at the Pike Place Market. On Saturday mornings, those interested gather at Amistad School’s Skinner Auditorium by St. Mark’s Cathedral for meditation and a teaching. Another member of the Clear Mountain community, Ajahn Kovilo, contributes remotely for the time being and stays in the Seattle area during the winter and summer. As faithful come together, a new community based on the mutual generosity and interdependence of monastics and local Buddhists may begin to grow.

When property is eventually found, Clear Mountain hopes to create a home for monastics that also supports a range of activities common to Theravāda Buddhism – pujas (chanting and meditation), sutta and Pali study, online and public teachings, meal offerings, and observance of the Buddhist holy days. Additionally, the community aspires to serve as a retreat where men and women can come practice for short or long periods, all lodging and teaching offered freely in the spirit of Dhamma.

If you would like to be part of the Clear Mountain community and help support this aspiration, you may attend our virtual or local events, follow us on YouTube and Facebook,  join us on Discord, or sign up for our newsletter. If you live in the greater Seattle area, you may also join our “Mitta Meetups” Community Calendar and WhatsApp group for locals. Welcome!

Calendar & Updates

Regular Events

Morning & Evening Daily Silent Meditation (Zoom)
Every day 4:30 – 5:30 am & 5:15 – 5:45 pm PT

Wednesday Evening Teaching & Discussion (Online)
Wed. 6:00 – 7:30 pm PT

Saturday Morning Meditation, Teaching, & Coffee Social (Online & In-Person)
Sat. 9:30 – 11 am PT

Bi-Monthly Monday Evening Upāsakā Sutta Study Group for Dedicated Practitioners (Online)
 First & Third Mon. 6 – 7:30 pm PT

Latest Updates

Latest Talk

Latest Writing

Lighten Up: The Playful Path to Samādhi | Ajahn Nisabho

In this talk, Ajahn Nisabho speaks about how to cultivate the luminous mind through a playful approach in meditation, utilizing both a primary focused object, such as the breath, alongside a secondary object, such as metta, the nada sound, or a broad awareness of the body.

In the Theravāda Buddhist tradition there exists a lovely, deeply rooted interdependence—built on respect for practice and generosity—between the monastics and the lay community.  Your open-hearted support allows monks the opportunity to devote their lives to meditation and right practice (sammā-paṭipadā) in a forest refuge while those in the lay community benefit from their teachings. Clear Mountain also aspires to provide a place of retreat for sincere practitioners and center of practice for the wider Buddhist community. Whether donating funds, giving daily alms, or volunteering, there are many ways in which one may lend support. We rejoice in your generosity! Sadhu!

May all beings be well.

A Summer of Faith: June, July, & August 2023

A Summer of Faith: June, July, & August 2023

Clear Mountain’s summer featured an abundance of Kalyāṇamitta, or spiritual friendship. From a visit by Luang Por Pasanno to a trip to Sravasti Abbey, a spectrum of Dhamma was on display.

“Finding a Home” Ceremony 2023

“Finding a Home” Ceremony 2023

Clear Mountain’s community participates in its first “Robe Offering”, a traditional ceremony of giving and Dhamma. The ceremony, held with hope toward finding a home for the future monastery, was blessed by visits and talks from senior bhikkhunis and bhikkhus, and the presence of many who’ve been touched by the aspiration thus far.