About “Dedication of Merit” or “Blessings”

“Dedication of merit”, or blessings, represents a traditional practice in Buddhist cultures wherein practitioners bring others to mind while recollecting goodness or developing a heart of goodwill. The practice has numerous benefits. Those living who know they are recollected in such a way may take comfort. Those who have passed, the Buddha taught, could in many cases receive the benefits of such pure intention (Khp 7, AN 10.177). Individuals who take on the practice develop their capacity for love without conditions and also brighten their relationship to memories of the deceased. Additionally, in reminding us of the fragility of life and circumstance, the stories given to the Chanting Request list serve as an encouragement towards heedfulness and skillful action. 

Requesting Blessings

To request a dedication, fill out relevant details in the shared Google sheet below. Each Saturday, all names listed will be read out for those gathered at Clear Mountain’s weekly meditation to recollect and dedicate chanting to. Additionally, those interested in developing loving-kindness may check the page regularly hold those listed in their practice. Every few weeks, the previous period’s list will be deleted to make room for the next. You may also enter requests for the same person multiple weeks in a row. If the person you are requesting for is of sound body and mind, consider getting their permission before submitting a request. May all beings be well.