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Monday Evening Dhamma Talk with Ajahn Jayasāro in Vancouver, B.C. (In-Person)

Ajahn Jayasāro
Ajahn Jayasāro (Shaun Michael Chiverton) was born on the Isle of Wight, England in 1958. In 1978 he became a disciple of Ajahn Chah, one of Thailand’s most renowned meditation masters. Following his initial five-year monastic training, Ajahn Jayasāro went on an extended solitary retreat and, thereafter, alternated with Ajahn Pasanno between periods of retreat and service to his monastic lineage. From 1997-2002, he served as abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat, the International Forest Monastery.

Since early 2003 Ajahn Jayasāro has been living in a hermitage at the foot of Khao Yai Mountain National Park. The Dhamma teachings and meditation retreats he gives at regular intervals at a nearby retreat center offer inspiration to both lay Buddhists and monastics. Since 2017, Ajahn Jayasāro has invited a select number of monastic disciples to come to live and practice in a handful of solitary huts in the villages surrounding his own hermitage. Every five days, these monastics will join Ajahn Jayasāro at his hermitage for a day of group practice and Dhamma Discussion. Both Ajahn Kovilo and Ajahn Nisabho have had the good fortune of living for year-long stays in these huts.

Ajahn Jayasāro is also a key figure in the movement to integrate Buddhist developmental principles into the Thai education system and serves as the spiritual advisor to Thawsi Elementry School in Bangkok and Panyaprateep High School near his hermitage in Korat. He has written many books on Buddhist themes in both Thai and English, including the landmark biography ‘Stillness Flowing: The Life and Teachings of Ajahn Chah’. To download any of his Dhamma Books, visit: https://www.jayasaro.panyaprateep.org/en/book.

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May 06 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: May 06 2024
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